About Us

Our Core Values


We firmly believe in our investments, and make significant contributions to each deal.


It is our priority to find new and better solutions that allow us to outperform our competition, save time and money.


Our team members collaborate consistently. The combined actions of many will always outperform the actions of one.


Time is money. We produce systems to enhance our efficiency and bolster investor returns.


It is our mission to improve the lives of both our investors and community residents.


We aim to grow both as individuals and as a company, to further our knowledge, and provide ongoing successes for our investors.

Our Commitment

Life Front Communities strives to provide investment opportunities that create lasting value and above average returns for our investors. We are driven by transparency and continue to invest time and money into creating the best investor experience possible. We are committed to providing constant communication regarding a deal throughout its lifetime.

The Process



We identify stable, well-located investment opportunities through our broad brokerage network. These opportunities have value add growth potential through rent increases, quality improvements, expansions, etc.


Source Advantageous Debt

Through our network of lenders, we analyze a multitude of debt scenarios for each deal, and obtain the debt that most appropriately fits each investment.


Perform Value Add

Leveraging our third-party management relationships, we perform a value-add plan that includes: management inefficiencies, development, and addition of amenities. Value-add plans vary by asset and market and are structured to maximize ROI.


Experienced Asset Management

We are actively involved with the property management personnel responsible for each property on a daily basis. We ensure monthly and yearly financial goals are met while maintaining sufficient capital for operations and capital expenditures.


Realized Return

After executing the business plan and completing the estimated hold period, we establish the best plan of action to benefit the future of our investors. Whether it be a sale, recapitalization, or refinance and hold.